Resurrection Power University

Educating Rapture-Ready Servant-Leaders for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

Class Room

Class Room

Dynamic space, technology-enabled, fostering interactive, collaborative learning.



Mentors, guides, educators blending faith, wisdom, knowledge.



Christ-centered, diverse, rigorous, cultivating scholarly, spiritual growth.

Do you want to prepare your future with us?

At Resurrection Power University, we offer an opportunity to prepare for a future steeped in knowledge, faith, and purpose. Our institution fosters an environment where individuals not only receive quality education but also grow spiritually and academically.

Why Choose Us

Resurrection Power University is an institution of higher learning that educates the entire three components of the human being, namely: body, soul, and spirit. As our academic programs are designed to intentionally alert the world of the second coming of Jesus Christ, we, at the same time, strive to deliver the best quality education in the fields of study we teach.

If you are interested in what you have seen so far and you believe we can journey with you to achieve your goal in the Theological education area of your choice, please go ahead and apply here: APPLY HERE.

Notwithstanding, you may still wish to look through our programs to see which actually fits your needs. Click here to see OUR PROGRAMS

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At RPU, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13), if you think as we do, then you can surely be our future student.


RPU has a large community of believers all around the world who are helping others and getting ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Our classes are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advance theology learners from every background of life.

Our online programs can be accessed from many nations in diverse areas of the world. We utilize both software and qualified human translators to meet the needs of learners anywhere. This helps break the language barrier to theological education. All our programs are smartphone compatible.


RPU maintains flexible timing that makes it possible for you to choose your own time of study.

Welcome to Resurrection Power University

Welcome to Resurrection Power University (RPU).  The University is the educational arm of Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries, an evangelical church ministry founded by Rev. Dr. Obinna Emmanuel  Obasi and his wife, Pastor Dr. Carol Edomobi Obasi. Both the ministry and the university are incorporated as non-profit organizations in South Carolina.

The University operates as a degree-awarding institution through religious exemptions from licensure by the South Carolina Commission on Higher (CHE), and the Louisiana State Board of Regents (BoR). The BoR requires every degree-granting institution operating in the state to register with it on an annual basis.  

The main purpose of the university, as revealed to Rev. Emmanuel in a series of dreams and visions, is to use a Christ-centered university education to intentionally alert the world of the second coming of Jesus Christ through a Christ-centered, university education at all levels.

RPU offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. In addition, RPU has   undergraduate and graduate certificates, and postgraduate diploma programs.

The study areas include theological studies, divinity, ministry, Creation and End-Time Studies, End-Time Prophecies and Technologies, Cyberspace Theology and Media Ministry, Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Christian Leadership, and Christian Apologetics. 

Our degrees and certificates are religious in nature, Christ -centered, and academically rigorous. Although we are vigorously pursuing institutional accreditation, Resurrection Power University is not accredited by any agency the US Department of Education, or the Commission on Higher Education Accreditation recognizes.

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